What’s in your basket?


As the Polar Vortex blasts across the Nation, plunging temperatures to record-breaking lows, I decided 1.) I am so NOT risking my life to go to work today (last big freeze I did and my truck slid backwards down a hill and into a ravine. Scariest moment of my life.), and 2.) I am too much of a wimp to run in a 15 below zero windchill. I’m from Texas, not Siberia.

So, being that today I’m supposed to be running 4 or 5 miles, and I don’t own a treadmill, I broke out the bike for the first time in…. in…. in…. Well, obviously too long to remember.


I put in an hour, mostly sans hands – a trick I have yet to master when cycling outside.

Daddy & baby girl (and all the dogs) got a good nap…


And I realized the basket on my bike seriously needs cleaning out. What’s inside my basket? VFF 5 Fingers, an empty Energy Chews package, 3 Gatorade Prime packets, 1 tennis ball, 1 pair of ear buds, 1 headband, several Christmas? cards from over a year ago, a piece of a notepad??, 2 GU Roctane packets (woohoo, I though I was out of GU!), the sports bra I thought I had lost, 2 pairs of socks I had given up on ever finding, and a retractable dog leash I didn’t even know we had. (The Starbucks cup doesn’t count since I put it in the basket just while cycling.)


So, tell me… Do you cross train? Do you cycle? What’s in YOUR basket?


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  1. colliebrookcrossing

    I’m no stranger to running in the cold, but I have successfully avoided it since 2008. Coldest run I ever went on it was -10 with a -10 windchill and it was my last PT test for MP school in the army. We were promised that when we finished our 2 mile run we could go right into the chow hall and warm up. The chow hall wouldn’t let us in. Out of the 170-ish people that ran that morning, we had at least 20 cold weather injuries, including the start of frostbite on a few people. That was the fastest 2 mile run I ever ran up to that point. Never doing THAT again.

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