The Long Run, Week 3: Surprisingly Easy

I know, I know, the long run is supposed to be easy… especially when you’re following a Beginner Marathon training plan. But, it seems everything this week has been tough. From altering my schedule, due to the weather, and running tired early on in the week, to running in an overly warm gym yesterday and feeling a bit sick from it, all week I’ve felt just a bit off.

After 13+ hours on aching feet yesterday (running, work, grocery shopping – which caused me to get home past baby girl’s bedtime and made me feel like a big fat failure), I figured today would be like the rest of the week. What a pleasant surprise to wake up refreshed, get some quality time with baby girl, and have a great 11 mile run!

For the second week in a row I’ve reduced my average pace by a full minute per mile WHILE adding a mile. And a big bonus – the hills are getting easier. I was shocked to find I could easily jog up some hills that I had to walk just last week.

Several hours later, I’m still feeling great. I’m really looking forward to my first half marathon of the year, coming up in a few weeks, and today’s run left me feeling confident that maybe…. Just maybe… I’ll be able to pick up where I left off.

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