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Runners Be Like…


Truth: I actually said this as I was pulling on my running tights today. And as I was grabbing my shoes, I said, “well, there’s your answer right there!”

Yes, I talk to myself. And even answer myself sometimes. It’s ok to admit it. It’s not like runners like us were ever normal to start with. 😉


On The Verge of Meltdown: Midnight Mommy Turns Nocturnal

I knew this was coming. It was only a matter of time. It has happened in the past and I knew it would happen again. It’s inevitable.

Night shift.

When I received notice that I was being “bumped” to the night shift at work, at first I was calm and accepted the news well. Like I said, I had been expecting it. But then… Then reality set in.

I kept a cool exterior, but I was freaking out on the inside. When will I sleep? Will I even manage to stay awake through my first night on Nights? When will I run? I have a half marathon coming up FIVE DAYS after flipping my world upside down! When will I eat and what in the world am I going to WANT to eat at that hour?

The only thing I DIDN’T worry about was my time with baby girl and Mr. Incredible. I knew with a certainty that quality time with the fam was about to increase.

As for everything else, I just had to keep reminding myself – it’s like a marathon… You gotta take it one step at a time.

So, that’s what I’m doing right now… Taking it one step at a time. And counting down the hours till I can finally pass out asleep!

The Long Run, Week 6: Shawty Droppin’ Mileage Like It’s Hot


Today is the first day I’ve run outside in two weeks… Shoot, it’s the first time in nearly as long that I’ve really even gotten a good look at the sun, I’ve been working so much. Running on the treadmill so much has had me concerned about losing fitness. I have mixed in some lunges, jump squats and other strength training exercises these past two weeks, but nothing beats the trials of running outside.

I didn’t really know what to expect of the weather today… Haven’t been keeping an eye on the forecast. So, I was pleasantly surprised to awake to a beautifully sunny and shockingly warm day. Tomorrow we will return to yesterday’s freezing temps, but for this day I was granted a glorious reprieve and I took full advantage of it as I frolicked in the sunshine. It felt wonderfully weird.

What didn’t feel wonderful was the brutal wind… and the hills. Being that this is a low-mileage week and my long run was scheduled for only 8 miles, I decided to increase the difficulty by hitting the hills hot and heavy to make up for two weeks on the treadmill. I tackled some of the biggest hills around… A course I haven’t run in over a year.


I had to drop to a walk quite a few times on the hills, so that dropped my average more than I would’ve liked, but really it wasn’t too shabby for where I am right now. Strength and speed will come later… As long as I stick to my plan! (And as long as I eat right… I skipped breakfast and was running on empty. That upped the difficulty and left me toasted!)

Did you run today? How did it go?

Midnight Mommy Tip #8

You know when the Sandman comes to visit and Baby girl breaks out the nun-chuks to fight him off? Yeh, just throw a blanket over her head. She’ll go out like a light. And next time, don’t wait till Midnight!