Fuel The Fire Giveaway: EnergyBits, Pocketfuel & SpiBelt


I promised back in March that I would be offering a giveaway, and then all of my plans got derailed by sickness. But, the day has arrived – FINALLY here it is!
I’ve teamed up with a great group of bloggers in a giveaway bloghop. This gives you so many chances to win a LOT of great prizes. It’s pretty simple, too – when you’ve finished entering the giveaway I’m offering here, just scroll to the bottom of this post and you will see the list of bloggers that are participating in this bloghop. Click on any one of them to go on to another great giveaway!

Now, on to the prizes up for grabs… I’m giving away a nice little package to help you FUEL THE FIRE!

If you follow me on Twitter, you may notice I’m often #poweredwithpocketfuel…


A handful of PocketFuel samples! YUM!

and also like to be #poweredwithbits.

I often use PocketFuel when I skip lunch to run or workout, and ENERGYbits have been a great source of long-lasting energy during long days and hard runs. ENERGYbits most recently carried me through a taxing 24 hours filled with mommy-duty, working overtime through the night, and leaving straight from work to drive in a kart race, the Mini Corvette Challenge. You can catch that action on my youtube channel – Jenni On The Run.

Thanks to the wonderfuel folks at PocketFuel and ENERGYbits, y’all have a shot at winning samples of both, and, to carry it all in…

I’m adding a lovely pink SpiBelt to the mix!


You can read my review of PocketFuel here and my review of ENERGYbits can be found here.

Since posting those reviews, I’ve had many more opportunities to use PocketFuel, and I must say – I’m addicted. I fueled solely with PocketFuel during my first marathon and I felt FANTASTIC throughout. I do wish I would’ve had some ENERGYbits with me for that race, though, to bounce back more quickly from soreness. Just as I wish I would’ve had some RECOVERYbits back in February/March to boost my immune system and possibly prevent those tortuous weeks of infirmity. Oh well, what’s done is done. At least I am now well stocked with both ENERGYBits AND RECOVERYbits!

If you’d like to give these wonderfuel products a try, just enter giveaway by visiting the rafflecopter link below! (U.S. residents only!)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

And when you’re done, come back to hop on over to all the blogs listed at the Linky Tools link below to enter to win more great goodies!

(P.S. Sorry for all of the links, but WordPress doesn’t allow the Javascript that would make it possible to embed the rafflecopter widget and LinkyTools list. Whoever wins this package will be glad they took the time to enter, though. Good luck!)

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Jenni On The Run - a whole lot of coffee and Jesus keeps me going!

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  1. I usually fuel with Gu but I’ve been hearing so many good things about Energybits that I really need to try it. Thanks!

  2. Katie Hughes

    I do love a banana and some coffee before I go for a run! For everything else, my kids are the best motivation to do what I do!

    • We keep bananas in the house, and at work, at all times – such a great quick snack! The baby loves them, too. And as far as coffee goes, I’m a complete addict! I LOVE me some strong, black coffee!

  3. I use GU for energy – salted caramel is my fav.

  4. I have only fueled a couple of times on runs. Both times I used Honey Stinger waffles. They were easy to eat and yummy! My children, my sanity and my overall well being is what keeps me fueled to run and live an active healthy life.

    • That is very much my motivation, too! The main reason I strength train is so I can continue holding my baby girl as she grows, and I love taking her out in the jogging stroller because 1. It gives us more time together and 2. I want to be a positive, healthy model of fitness for her. And yes, working out definitely de-stresses me and makes me feel great!

  5. I’ve good things about Pocket Fuel, but I’ve never seen it locally. Lately, on long runs I’ve been fueling with Tailwind. That’s what I plan to use tomorrow during a 50K race. Sorry to read that the 50K you signed up for was cancelled. I hope you can find another one to run.

    • Thanks, Tina! I am bummed about it, but there is another one near the same area in the Fall, on my birthday weekend, so I may sign up for that. The weekend of the cancelled 50k, there is a mud/obstacle 5k a few miles from my house. I may go do that since I’m freed up now! *looking on the bright side*

      I’ve been seeing a lot about Tailwind lately. Have you been using it long?

  6. What a great giveaway! I’ve been thinking about getting a Spibelt – all the cool marathoners seem to have one.

  7. I’ve been trying different fuels. Always looking to see what will work best. These look good.

  8. I fuel up with lots of fatty, protein-rich snacks. Avocados, eggs, coconut milk, etc.

  9. dates and peanut butter

  10. to refuel I love to use peanut butter banana smoothies.

  11. Banana and a whole food energy bar like Larabar, Nakd, Picky Bar. GU for over 13 miles. Why? Because I love it!

  12. I usually fuel with Sport Beans since they’re so tiny and easy to chew while running, but I love trying new things so I’m all over this!

  13. I fuel up with protein shakes!

  14. I love EnergyBits just a bit pricey for me to consume on a regular basis. Otherwise I get my mind right and win the mental battle as my coach says. When I am excited about something it is easy to get motivated and fueled up. I also eat Vega Sport Energy Bars to fuel up. It works.

  15. I like Lara bars and Gatorade chews

  16. I fuel up with a good protien shake and lots of water. Rock Climbing is what gets me going!!!

  17. I love Huma gels!

  18. Leslie Almonte

    I found your blog through the giveaway. I’m happy I did. Now I can research the different products you’ve mentioned like Pocket Fuel. I’ve never heard of them. The only thing I’ve tried so far is Gatorade energy chews. Thanks.

    • That’s great to hear! Since I started running 4 years ago, I’ve experimented with many different gels, chews, fluids, etc. I highly recommend researching and experimenting with different products to see what works for you, as each individual is different. I love all of the blogger giveaways I come across as it gives an opportunity to try things that I’ve never heard of!

  19. I fuel with a lot of different things, but I try and keep it easy to carry and digest and natural when I can.

  20. I typically use Honey Stingers to fuel during a long run, but really want to try the pocketfuel! Thanks for the giveaway!

  21. I don’t run. I’m not fueling myself before workouts; I felt more nauseous than good when I tried.

  22. laura kidman

    If I’m working out for less than an hour first thing in the morning, I typically rely on my green smoothie to fuel me. Otherwise, I use Energybits for the longer workouts or days- used to just struggle through before I found them. Haven’t tried PocketFuel yet but am dying to try them πŸ™‚
    What fuels my fire is the desire to be healthy and an example to my family and my patients. I grew up in an active family and LOVE to be out in the world moving and helping others be able to also.

  23. Coconut oil, almond butter, almonds, coffee, etc. πŸ™‚

  24. I use powerade energy gel, but would like to try something more natural

  25. I am fueled by protein smoothies and my dreams of badassery! :]

  26. You can get 25% off Energybits by using code “kidbit” when you order (sorry, I told you it had an “s” on the end. It doesn’t… my bad 😦

  27. Erin from Long Island

    My runs are fueled by produce and visions of me at the beach!

  28. I normally use the Power Bar gummies!

  29. I’m a fan of GU but have also been known to pack a sandwich on really long runs or pick up food. I like to push my body beyond what my mind has difficulty comprehending. Testing the physical and mental limits can be empowering but also defeating. One can’t be afraid to fail because success may only be one step away!

  30. I tried energy bits once and I loved them! I am a fan of the natural fuel and love to listen to my favorite band before heading out for a run! Music really sets the tone for how hard I will work out! Thank you!

  31. Right now I rely on a variety of vegan bars to fuel up, but I’d love try some whole food solutions like hummus wraps and peanut butter. I’ve heard awesome things about energy bits so they’re on my list of things to try.

  32. My runs haven’t been longer than five miles so I really don’t see the need to fuel. I really like using a Nuun tablet in my water. That helps a lot!

  33. runawaybridalplanner

    Oddly I don’t use fuel much while running, however I have been interested in energybits, they seem to get rave reviews:)

  34. I have not had to fuel during a run. I don’t run longer than 4 miles.

  35. I usually use Quest bars (high fiber, i know, but my body handles it!)

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