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Fabulous Friday: Confession Time

I’m spilling the cats and letting the beans out of the bag.

Wait. I think something’s wrong with that statement.

Never mind.

In this fitness-crazed world, filled with buzzwords like “clean,” “paleo,” “vegan,” “plant-based,” “whole food,” and on and on, I feel like a cheap hooker, hawking my health for just a taste of the comforting deliciousness I was raised on. Maybe its just the rebel in me, but from soul food to fast food, heat ’em up meals to the sweet stuff, being bad never felt so good.

So what are the comfort foods that tickle my fancy and satisfy my soul? Here’s just a sampling of what I’ve eaten this year alone…

10. BACON. You will never persuade me to believe that bacon is bad. Bacon is pure happiness. I am convinced that if we could get the Jews and the Muslims to eat bacon, world peace would ensue.

9. KFC Chicken Tender Go Cup… the potato wedges remind me of the local grocery’s “tater logs” I loved as a child.

8. Fried chicken and mashed potatoes with gravy. Just like mama used to make. Well, actually she did make it. Mr. Incredible’s mama, that is. It was finger lickin’ good!

7. Big Mac. Well, just make it a meal deal. Gotta have those McD’s fries! And, while you’re at it, order a coke… Water is NOT the proper pairing for a meal such as this.

6. Beer. Not just any beer. I’m talking dark lager – the kind that is a meal unto itself. That’s my recovery drink of choice.

5. Red Baron Special Deluxe Pizza. I can eat a whole one by myself in one sitting. I did eat a whole one after my last Half Marathon…. along with two of the aforementioned lagers.

4. Venti Caramel Macchiato. How many calories does it have? Don’t know. Don’t care. All I know about it: that’s a 20 ounce trip to Heaven.

3. Italian Creme Cake. It was actually just a bite, but, OH what a bite. The rest of the honking huge slice is waiting in my work locker… I was gonna share with Mr. Incredible, but am reconsidering. It’s just that good. Yeh, I’m stingy with my food sometimes.

2. Chicken and Waffles. With syrup. LOTS of it. Not the sugar-free kind either. Afterward, I ran my fastest 2 mile run to date. Need I say more?

1. Bologna sandwiches with, dare I say it… REAL mayo. Not just any bologna – THICK cut bologna. There’s just something about Springtime, honeysuckle and bologna that takes me back to the golden days of early childhood where my days were filled with blissful play. I wouldn’t trade that for all the quinoa in Kentucky.


*Disclaimer: I actually DO like quinoa. I enjoy the healthy stuff, too. 😉

Fantastic Friday: 10 Things I Love About Tuesday

Those who know me well know that I hate the over-commercialization of holidays. On this day that was set aside for the celebration of love, our society has made it more about “stuff” and less about the things that truly matter. It really and truly annoys the fire out of me.

So, as strange as this may sound coming from a woman, I refuse (and have refused for many years) to participate in the celebration of Valentine’s Day.

Does this mean I don’t celebrate love? On the contrary. Mr. Incredible and I have our own (long-standing tradition) way of celebrating… with Tuesdays. What’s so great about Tuesdays? Well…

10. Valentine’s Day only comes once a year, but Tuesdays come every week!

9. In our house, Tuesday could come on ANY day, even a Friday…

8. There can even be more than one Tuesday in a week!

7. You don’t need to be reminded to get a Tuesday gift – Tuesdays are spontaneous and random.

6. When I get a Tuesday, I know it truly came from the heart.

5. A Tuesday can be a little, everyday thing. (Like k-cups when I’m running low, or a bag of jolly ranchers for Mr. Incredible – his fave Sunday morning candy.) It says, “hey, I’m paying attention.” THAT speaks volumes.

4. No one expects a Tuesday – no pressure increases the joy and excitement of giving and receiving.

3. There are no advertisements constantly bombarding me to “BUY A TUESDAY!”

2. Tuesdays are our own little special way of celebrating love – unique and quirky… just like us.

1. God gave us the greatest Tuesday of all when our daughter was born… on a Tuesday.


Are you put off by commercialization as much as I am? Do you have any quirky traditions of your own?

Fantastic Friday: 10 Things I Love About Winter

Ten things I love about Winter …because sometimes I need a reminder.

10. Soft, fuzzy socks & pj’s

9. Curling up in a ball under a warm heavy blanket on the couch

8. Soups & chili – The ultimate Winter comfort food. Sure you can eat ’em during Summer, but who wants to?

7. I love when I look out the window and see a big, fat Cardinal perched on a branch. Amidst the dreary landscape, that bright pop of color just livens up the moment.

6. The warmth from a steaming hot cup of coffee in my hands (even better if it’s Starbucks…. Even greater still is if I’m in Seattle at Starbucks). This is something I enjoy year-round, but the pleasure is heightened during the cold of Winter.

5. Wearing layers. I don’t get to dress up often, but when I do it’s fun to play with layers. Summer is too hot to really get to do this, unless I want to pass out from a heat stroke. While Spring & Fall allow for layers, it still tends to be a bit warm for it. Winter, however, is perfect for it!

4. Winter is the time for feasting. From Holiday parties to simply warming the house while baking goodies for family and friends, Winter is the time to eat, drink, and be merry!

3. Snow. We don’t get much of it, so it really is a novelty that I can’t get enough of. A few weeks ago, I went on an EARLY morning 4 mile run before work and my little world was covered in snow and ice, sparkling like diamonds under a full moon. It was absolutely enchanting.

2.FIRE. I LOVE FIRE. There is nothing more comforting than cozying up to a crackling fire on a cold day.

1. It’s so much easier for me to run in the cold. I want to stay warm, so…. I RUN. Training is easier for me to stick to when I know I can run at anytime day or night since I don’t have heat advisories to work around. This is why I scheduled my first marathon for Spring – I set myself up for success, knowing I would stick to my training plan through Winter.

So, there you have it – a few of my favorite things about Winter. What do you love most about Winter?