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Midnight Mommy Tip #11

When Itty bitty is fussy, squirmy and fighting sleep… play Amos Lee. Seriously.  Go download all of his songs, have it ready, hit shuffle and enjoy the magical effect!

Don’t believe me? Here’s the before:


…and here’s the after:


Yeh, it’s THAT good.

Midnight Mommy Tip #10

Forget what the professionals say… If the only way she’s going to sleep is flopped out on your pillow on top of your head, LET HER. Trust me, that’s the only way ANYONE is going to get any sleep!

Midnight Mommy Tip #9

Ever have one of those nights when the baby wakes you up for a feeding and you’re so foggy tired, thinking “I don’t know how long I can keep going like this,” only to discover its not the middle of the night, it’s only 9 pm? Yeh, I got nothing. No tips here. Just pray to God that it doesn’t happen two days in a row… Or more!

Runners Be Like…


Truth: I actually said this as I was pulling on my running tights today. And as I was grabbing my shoes, I said, “well, there’s your answer right there!”

Yes, I talk to myself. And even answer myself sometimes. It’s ok to admit it. It’s not like runners like us were ever normal to start with. 😉

Midnight Mommy Tip #8

You know when the Sandman comes to visit and Baby girl breaks out the nun-chuks to fight him off? Yeh, just throw a blanket over her head. She’ll go out like a light. And next time, don’t wait till Midnight!

Midnight Mommy Tip #7

Midnight Mommy Tip #7:

when the baby is lying in a pool of drool, it’s best to put the towel UNDER her, not on top of. Really, it’s probably best to get everyone up and change the bedding out, but, hey, gimme a break, it’s MIDNIGHT.


Midnight Mommy Tip #6

Midnight Mommy Tip #6:

Those adorable pajamas lose their cuteness when your half asleep, struggling to snap those darn things back up on a wide-awake, kicking baby. Skip the snaps – stick with a long-sleeve t-shirt under a sleep sack!


Midnight Mommy Tip #5

You can pick your friends. You can pick your nose. But you can’t pick your friend’s nose.

You CAN, however, pick your baby’s nose. Just don’t try doing it in the middle of the night. Trust me. Those boogies can wait for morning. You can thank me later – after you’ve had some sleep.

Midnight Mommy Tip #4

Midnight Mommy Tip #4:

Save your toes from getting stubbed – leave the Christmas lights up year-round. The ambient light makes for a perfect night-light, especially if you drape a random curtain over them. Nevermind there’s no window there… Pay no attention to what’s not behind the curtain!


Midnight Mommy Tip #3

Midnight Mommy Tip #3: When the box says the diapers stay dry for up to 12 hours… They LIE.