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The Long Run, Week 10: Any Which Way But Loose






As you can see, my long run didn’t go as originally planned… and even the new plan was continuously edited. Between working too much overtime, having a sick baby AND a sick husband (and now am sick again, myself), there was just no way I could dedicate a solid chunk of time to the 16 mile long run that my training plan was calling for. I just didn’t have that sort of time available. What I did have were several short blocks of time. So, I got my run in however, whatever, whenever, wherever possible.

Ultimately that meant three runs during my three breaks at work, and one run, at home, after work. I didn’t get to eat as much as I would’ve liked but I did get to scarf down enough to keep me going.

I PR’d three times – actually probably not a good thing for what was supposed to be a long, easy run, but that is what it took to get the mileage in during my allotted time for breaks. I paid the price for those PRs in three days of IT pain. My legs were tired Sunday and dead Monday.

I wanted to push for a total of 18 miles, but between time constraints and feeling flu-ish, it wasn’t looking like a likely scenario. When I found myself surrounded by singing coyotes with nary a house (safety) around, I turned back early and did my best to keep my fear at bay as I jogged towards home. Considering how my legs felt in the days following, I’ll consider it a good thing I decided to stick to the training plan’s distance instead.

Regardless of not meeting my desired distance goal, I’m proud of powering through a difficult situation and getting my run(s) in. Have you ever faced a situation where you had to break your long run up into smaller runs? Did you feel like it was physically harder than one single long run?

The Long Run That Didn’t Happen: A Bye Week

So last week ended up being pretty much a total bust. We were all sick, out of it, and, to add insult to injury, the weather was G – O – R – G – E – O – U – S.

I can’t remember the last time I was sick. I also can’t remember the last time we had sunny, warm, break-out-the-shorts-and-blind-everybody-with-my-pale-as-a-Cullen-legs weather. To have nearly a solid week of both at the same time was enough to make me absolutely miserable.

Though the week ended with a hacking wheeze, I’m thankful I at least kicked it off with a good start. Since I had pretty much settled into my new work routine, I instituted “Mommy-Daughter Monday.” Normally, during the workweek, since we work opposite shifts and I go to sleep a mere three hours before her usual time to awake, Mr. Incredible drops Baby Girl off at his parents’ house on his way to work. Mondays, however, are easy for me to wake up early since I’m able to go to bed at a decent hour the night before.


So, this past week, for our first “Mommy-Daughter Monday,” I took Baby Girl to Toys ‘R Us and got her a playpen and foam mat. She has recently gotten VERY mobile and hard to contain! She’s liking her new play space, but I have a feeling we’ll need to expand it before long – she likes to be on the go!

Tuesday, the beautiful, warm weather arrived. Thankfully, I did get a run in this day, despite being sick. Baby Girl was feeling good, and it was warm enough for her, so I left the house with the jogging stroller, picked her up along the way, and got her out for about 4.5 miles of my nearly 6 mile run. I think she pretty much napped the whole way.


It was all downhill from there. That night, I left work an hour early. I called in sick the next day. I would have done so again the next day, but don’t want to use all of my sick days so early in the year. I just loaded up with DayQuil and Pepto and prayed for the best.


Friday came and went and I don’t even remember it. Saturday… sweet Saturday. By then I was finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I really wanted to get out for a run, and it was nice enough for Baby Girl to go with me… Awwww, but I didn’t go. Mr. Incredible wasn’t making such an incredible recovery, so I stayed in to hang with him.

I thought I would get all my household stuff handled on the weekend, and possibly start afresh Monday (if the weather were nice enough for Baby Girl, being that Monday is our day now). Even that plan had a monkey wrench thrown in it when I could not for the life of me go to sleep. The house got clean and I got exhausted. I ended up crashing after Church and lunch. Thankfully I slept that night and was able to have a great Mommy-Daughter Monday. It was too chilly for her to go out for a run, but part of it was spent grocery shopping. Who needs P90x when you’ve got a squirming 20 lb baby strapped to your chest while you squat, lunge and contort yourself through two hours grocery shopping?

So, tomorrow, Thursday and Saturday are looking to be good running days. The weather will be a tad on the chilly side, but nice for solo runs. My health has been regained. The rest did my body good – my foot feels fine again.

Do I feel bad about missing out on training? It would have been nice to enjoy another fair-weather run, but… feel bad about missing out on training? No. Not at all. I actually started my training plan a week early, so I was already trying to decide how to adjust it. A bye week just gave me the rest I needed, time with the family that we all needed, and got my training schedule back on track. Now, let’s see if I can keep it on track! 🙂

How about you? Did last week treat you well? How is this week shaping up? How is training going?

The Long Run, Week 3: Surprisingly Easy

I know, I know, the long run is supposed to be easy… especially when you’re following a Beginner Marathon training plan. But, it seems everything this week has been tough. From altering my schedule, due to the weather, and running tired early on in the week, to running in an overly warm gym yesterday and feeling a bit sick from it, all week I’ve felt just a bit off.

After 13+ hours on aching feet yesterday (running, work, grocery shopping – which caused me to get home past baby girl’s bedtime and made me feel like a big fat failure), I figured today would be like the rest of the week. What a pleasant surprise to wake up refreshed, get some quality time with baby girl, and have a great 11 mile run!

For the second week in a row I’ve reduced my average pace by a full minute per mile WHILE adding a mile. And a big bonus – the hills are getting easier. I was shocked to find I could easily jog up some hills that I had to walk just last week.

Several hours later, I’m still feeling great. I’m really looking forward to my first half marathon of the year, coming up in a few weeks, and today’s run left me feeling confident that maybe…. Just maybe… I’ll be able to pick up where I left off.