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When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Cross-Trains

When life doesn’t go according to plan adaptability is essential to long term success.

This week hasn’t shaped up well for allowing me to get the mileage my training plan calls for (and still be everything else I need to be). Life is a juggling act and sometimes you have to be smart enough to drop the less important ball so you are free to catch the important, fragile one.

Anyhow, instead of allowing myself to get frustrated, I decided to push myself on short treadmill runs on my lunch break at work and mix in some cross training anywhere and everywhere possible. Last night, while playing with baby girl before bedtime, I was stretching, doing side planks with leg lifts and bridge with leg lifts. Today, after my lunch break run, every chance I’d get (even if only seconds at a time), I was stretching, doing push-ups, side planks with leg lifts, and lunges.

I haven’t noticed any weird looks. I guess my co-workers have grown used to my own special brand of crazy. That’s good, but better than that is – my legs are wobbly and my soul is satisfied!

How about you? Is your training plan going according to plan? Do you normally cross train? Do you squeeze in workouts at work… While you work?